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Dragon 1/35 (Black Label) MBT-70 Kpzz.70 # 3550 - Plastic Model Kit

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Dragon 1/35 (Black Label) MBT-70 Kpzz.70 # 3550 - Plastic Model Kit
The MBT-70, also known as the Kpz.70, is not a well known main battle tank (MBT), because it never actually entered production. Nonetheless, it is a very important design because it is the grandfather of both the American M1 Abrams and the German Leopard 2. The joint US-German MBT-70 program kicked off in the 1960's, and the new 54-tonne design was to incorporate several futuristic features. These included hydropneumatic suspension that offered good cross-country mobility and allowed the tank to 'kneel', plus an XM-150 152mm gun that could fire both conventional rounds and missiles. The main gun was also to be equipped with a laser rangefinder and autoloader (advanced elements for the time), and a 20mm autocannon was fitted on the turret top. Another innovative design feature was that all three crewmembers were housed in the turret. This novel arrangement meant the MBT-70 had a very low silhouette of just 1.8m. Unfortunately, with the program plagued by budget overruns and the two partners arguing over different design aspects, Germany withdrew from the project in 1969. Two years later, the USA shelved the MBT-70 project too. A total of 14 MBT-70/Kpz.70 prototypes and test-beds were built, of which some still survive today. Dragon designers were able to take measurements from the prototype at the Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster in Germany. The MBT-70's heritage contributed much to both the leopard 2 and M1 Abrams tanks from Germany and the USA respectively.
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